Mystery in Manitou Springs, Colorado

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Mission Impossible Team Challenge


Intensely strategic, highly collaborative, and mind-expanding!  Mission Impossible: Mystery in Manitou Springs, Colorado keeps teams on their toes.  Home of the scenic Pikes Peak – each Mission location captures the beauty of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Working undercover, your team Mission is to decipher the codes of up to ten Mission Challenge Locations; determine the Mission Challenge location within the field of play area; solve up to a dozen ‘Mission Adventure Challenges’ at each Mission Location; and return back to headquarters before time runs out!

Throw in the highly creative Photo Challenge that has teams scanning the periphery in search of the obscure; teams must manage their time effectively to earn the most performance points.  Can your team balance the demands of both?

And if that doesn’t keep the team busy, how about we include a few mind-twisting adventure challenges that require quick thinking and effective execution under the pressure of time? Managing the many challenges of Mission Impossible: Mystery in Manitou Springs will keep teams on the move, requiring team focus while strategizing on the bigger picture opportunity. Resources are endless – but will team members recognize the possibilities?


Program Overview


There are too many Missions to reach within the official timeframe – this is intentional. Strategy and big picture thinking is key to success.

Unlike your typical scavenger hunt that leads teams point to point sequentially – this playing field is wide open. Your team has the opportunity to head north, south, east or west – the choice is up to you! Mission Impossible is about strategy – we don't tell you where to go – you decide the best route based on a series of complex clues. Which team will have the best strategy? Which team will decipher the most codes? Which team will complete the most missions? Which team will earn the most performance revenues?


Kick Off: Teams gather at a central location in the field of play area within the historic town at the base of Pikes Peak. A quick overview of the TEAM Balance Model will provide important clues on how to best approach the challenge.

Team Briefing: The rules of engagement are revealed and Missions are distributed. It is up to each time on how they want to strategize and set their course of action.

Mission Impossible in Action: Teams head out on foot (or step up the level of intensity with bikes) in search of each Mission Challenge location while managing their Photo Challenges. There are too many Missions to reach during the official timeframe. It is up to each team to determine which locations to target and ultimately earn the most performance points.

Results and Debrief: Teams arrive to Mission Headquarters for final scoring and review of the results. Because of the complexity of the Missions, each team is recognized for unique accomplishments. Of course there is also recognition for the team that has earned the most performance points!


Start and Finish locations can be customized to your team’s meeting venue or travel requirements. Let us suggest some great places to celebrate results in the many high-energy restaurants and bars of Manitou Springs.

Step up the intensity and add in bicycles! For active teams, this option provides the opportunity to experience more of the historic sites of Manitou Springs, Colorado.