Colorado Springs Team Olympics Challenge

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The Summer Olympics have come to Colorado Springs! Get your team involved in this high energy, intensely collaborative, and competitive event. Teams gather together for the opening ceremony proudly displaying their Olympic Team colors and team name on a customized flag. The excitement level builds as the events are announced and teams move to into action.

The regional parks of Palmer and Bear Creek Canyon are the perfect location for hosting the Team Summer Olympics.

We realize not all team members will be on a level playing field athleticly. That’s not an issue! Events include a series of wacky, fun and collaborative team challenges. Corporate Teams will customize the athletic level of the activities based on what works best for your team. Examples include: Ready, Set, Jump; Team on their Toes; Can You Hear Me Now?; Up, Up in the Air; Step, Step, Squeeze; Volleyball Relay; Home Run Derby; Frisbee Golf Challenge. Indoors or Outdoors, Summer Olympics will keep your team energized and fully engaged in this fast paced competitive challenge.

Program Overview

Opening Ceremony

Teams kick things off with a display of their team colors, name and Olympic flag. The Opening Ceremony recognizes each team and provides an overview of the competitive playing field.

Let the Games Begin

Competition begins with a series of fast, competitive and intensely collaborative team events that earn teams a variety of points. Strategy and execution is key to team success. It’s not the fastest teams that earn an Olympic medal – it’s the smartest teams!

Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Teams gather at the finish and wait for the judges’ results. And the winners are?! Teams are awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze. Of course, all teams celebrate having successfully competed in the Summer Olympics.